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Jon Neves  started his journey in music at the early age of seven, when he took up the acoustic guitar. As his interest grew and turned to passion, it wasn't long before he discovered the electric guitar and immediately fell in love with the sounds and possibilities it opened up. As his playing became more serious, Jon started leading bands by the time he was 14 and by the time he was 16, he was a regular face at gigs playing blues and rock lead guitar across the local pub scene, as well as at local artist and school based music competitions.

From the earliest days, Jon's passion has been rooted in songwriting and in that same year, after winning  a songwriting contest at school, he was awarded the prize of six hours of recording time at a professional studio. While recording his track, he started producing it without even realising what the word 'production' meant. He asked one of the engineers to play some drums for him, getting his idea across by singing the drum parts to him, while pushing the in-house engineer to get the sound he heard in is head, through adding reverb, delays and overdubs.


In 1997 Jon moved to London, and started work as a session guitarist for Welsh producer/label owner Steve Thompson. After showing him a few of his own tracks, Thompson recognised
Jon's potential, and immediately offered him a deal. After working together tirelessly over the following years, success was achieved when they reached #1 in the Billboard upcoming charts and #13 in the mainstream one with one of their own productions. Sadly, Thompson passed away two weeks later.


Understandably devastated, Jon decided to regroup and broaden his horizons by going back to college. Having acquired a thirst for the technical side, and in honour of Thompson's tutelage, Jon enrolled in Music Production & Sound Engineering at Point Blank Music School. One of Jon's former teachers realised his potential, introducing him to another label owner who in turn offered Jon a contract straight away. As interest grew, competition became fierce, and he found himself being sought after by Point Blank's own record label. In a harsh twist of fate, Jon's decision was taken from his hands after needing to urgently return to Brazil to tend to family commitments.


Not wanting to lose momentum, Jon adapted to the situation and started work as a producer for a local production house, specialising in writing music for TV ads. Gaining a wealth of experience Jon continually increased his involvement in the industry and  soon moved to a new production house, this time working as a mixing/mastering engineer as well as a sound designer and voiceover artist. As his knowledge and confidence grew, Jon made the decison to go solo, putting together his own studio. Very quickly, Jon was mixing and mastering for local artists as well as continuing his voiceover work. This allowed Jon to focus on what he loves the most – the whole production process.

Through an in-depth handling of the ins-and-outs of the whole production process, Jon moved to writing music with the final product in mind, using all the production tools as compositional devices instead. In his own words, "certain compressors can ultimately change the whole groove of your song, so you'd better learn how they work, otherwise someone else will, and your end result might sound completely different to what you originally had in mind."


This fresh approach to music production allows Jon to work as a composer, music producer, mixing and mastering engineer. As a tribute to his mother, Jon took the family surname to put together Galante Audio, a brand new experience in music creation and frequency manipulation.

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